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Surge 15 rating

Ben Whishaw is superb as a man on a bold and reckless journey of self-liberation in this highly strung, stripped-back thriller.

Drama 2019 100 mins

Director: Aneil Karia



Quiet and demure Joseph (Ben Whishaw) leads a modest life in London, shuttling between his solo apartment and the airport where he forms part of the security team. But something seems to be simmering in Joseph just under the surface. It only takes a few strange incidents to unlock his impulse to go on a reckless, frantic, and unbelievable journey through the streets of the city as he determines that boundaries and niceties will no longer govern his life.

Director Aneil Karia delivers his debut feature off the back of an acclaimed run of short films and tenure on shows such as Top Boy. And it's a remarkably assured debut - fizzing with the anxious energy of the Safdie brothers but thrumming to an unmistakably British beat - be sure to plug into this one.