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Reservoir Dogs 18 rating

Quentin Tarantino explodes onto the screen with his debut feature following a jewellery heist gone horribly, violently wrong.

Film noir 1991 99 mins

Director: Quentin Tarantino


Tarantino’s bloody but incredibly entertaining gangster flick ushered in a new era of independent filmmaking in America when it took Cannes Film Festival by storm 1992. All the Tarantino hallmarks are present, from the snappy, witty dialogue to the ultra-cool soundtrack and, of course, the undiluted violence. A landmark debut film guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

Extremely controversial upon release, especially in the UK where a BBFC video rating was withheld for two years, Reservoir Dogs still has the power to shock and remains one of the most energetic, exciting debuts of the 20th century.