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Orthodox 18 rating

Stephen Graham is the orthodox Jew tempted into a life of violence by his corrupt associate (Michael Smiley), in this riveting and complex crime drama.

Drama 2016 94 mins

Director: David Leon


Bullied as a boy for his Jewish faith, Ben (Stephen Graham) has channelled his rage to become a successful bare-knuckle boxer. Drawn into the shady practices of his manager Shannon (Michael Smiley), he now finds himself caught between two worlds; the criminal underworld which offers an easy financial escape route, and the North London orthodox community which has ostracised him, yet to which he’s also inextricably bonded. When unexpected tragedy ensues, Ben begins to question his adherence to both these competing creeds.

David Leon expands his successful short film for this complex feature, which knowingly trades on its jarring depiction of a criminal network of orthodox Jews; a departure from the typically benign screen representations. But at its heart this is a simple tale of betrayed friendship, brought to life by two of Britain’s most compulsively watchable actors in Graham and Smiley.