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Nelly's Version

Legendary British actress Eileen Atkins stars as a woman with no memory or recollection, only knowing her own name.

Drama 1983 103 mins

Director: Maurice Hatton


Eileen Atkins stars in Maurice Hatton’s mysterious and beguiling drama. Nelly Dean (Atkins) is a woman who knows her own name, but nothing else – she has no memory or recollection. However, once she arrives and checks in at a hotel, the search for her true identity begins as well as a dark look into a woman’s blurred past.

Atkins, whose career has spanned working with the likes of John Schlesinger, Ridley Scott, and Woody Allen, turns in a stellar internal performance in this 1983 mystery that originally aired on Channel Four. It’s a dark and personal journey, one steeped in secrecy, peril, and discovery.