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Monica 15 rating

Trace Lysette is captivating in this beautifully understated drama, playing a woman belatedly seeking to rekindle a relationship with her estranged mother.

Drama 2022 113 mins

Director: Andrea Pallaoro



Monica left her Midwestern hometown to transition so many years ago that she feels like a stranger returning. Her mother, Eugenia, banished her the moment she came out and there has been no attempt at reconciliation during the intervening years. But now Eugenia has dementia and is close to death. When the family are reunited, there are no sentimental speeches to kickstart the healing process. The film triumphs in capturing the notion that actions speak louder than words, as Monica gradually finds her place in the family and learns how to live in small-town American again. Patricia Clarkson is magnificent as Eugenia, but Lysette dominates – the actor finally cast in a feature role worthy of her prodigious talent.