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Locked In - Breaking the Silence

An intimate, personal and surprisingly life-affirming story with a rare illness at its heart.

Documentary 2020 75 mins Not rated

Director: Xavier Alford



Documentary director Xavier Alford is finally confronting an illness he has been hiding from family, close friends and even himself. Locked In: Breaking the Silence follows Alford as he tries to make sense of the mysterious illness that has taken over his life in the only way he knows how - by making a film about it. Meeting his fears for the first time, he finds talking with fellow patients and his family makes their bonds even stronger.

In a time when much of the world is experiencing lockdown, Locked In offers, with unflinching positivity, a fresh perspective on coping mechanisms and the recovery from virus-related diseases. Locked In is supported with National Lottery money, via the BFI Doc Society Fund.