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Let's Go Crazy U rating

Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan shine in a series of sketches and multiple roles, in this madcap mixture of music-hall and anarchic comedy.

Comedy 1951 33 mins

Director: Alan J. Cullimore


On the cusp of breakthrough with The Goons, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan are the star turns of this bizarre variety featurette, which intersperses music-hall style performances with madcap sketches from the two comedy greats.

Filmed in just a single week at the same time as Adelphi Films’ feature-length Penny Points to Paradise, Let’s Go Crazy was clearly intended as the subordinate picture of the two films. But Sellers and Milligan’s anarchic goofing here is more characteristic of the Goons style than in the more conventional Penny Points. Both performers take on a number of different roles, with Sellers’ characters including an exasperated Italian head waiter Giuseppe, frustrated Crystal Jollibottom, and a convincing impression of Groucho Marx that was later edited into re-release prints of Penny Points at the height of Sellers’ popularity.