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Kadoyng U rating

It looks like the quaint village of Byway will be bulldozed to make way for a motorway – until alien outcast Kadoyng arrives from Outer Space to help.

Children's 1972 60 mins

Director: Ian Shand



This gloriously odd, gently subversive comedy from the Children’s Film Foundation sees cosmic hobo Kadoyng – blessed with mysterious powers and a stalk-like appendage on his head - arrive unexpectedly on earth, to befriend local residents, and take on nasty politicians and road developers. Wittily written by Leo Maguire, who stars as Kadoyng, this is 1970s CFF at its weirdest, wackiest best.

Kadoyng boasts a great supporting cast, including some familiar faces from British television comedy. Watch out for Jack Haig (later finding success as LeClerc in ‘Allo ‘Allo) and Bill Owen (who found fame as Compo in Last of the Summer Wine).