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Hounds of Love 18 rating

A young woman tries to escape her sadistic kidnappers, in this bold and brutal Australian thriller.

Horror 2016 108 mins

Director: Ben Young


In a sweltering 1987 Christmas in Perth, something is threatening the sleepy suburban streets. Sadistic couple John and Evelyn White (Curry and Booth) randomly abduct Vicki Maloney (Cummings), the latest of their victims. Chained and tortured, the teenager soon realises she needs to drive a wedge between her captors if she wants to survive.

Australian writer-director Ben Young makes an assured debut in this tightly woven thriller inspired by an infamous real-life case, elevating the disturbing material into a lesson in suspenseful storytelling. Not for the faint-hearted, bold viewers will be rewarded with a chilling spin on the serial-killer genre.