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Güeros 15 rating

A teenager is banished to his brother in Mexico City, from where a road trip is planned to track down an elusive musician.

Drama 2014 111 mins

Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios


Jim Jarmusch and Spike Lee are in the flesh of this lively first feature, a successful experiment in technical skill and personal charm. Tomàs (Sebastián Aguirre) is sent to his elder brother Sombra (Tenoch Huerta), a student who has designs on Ana (Ilse Salas). At Tomàs insistence, they decide to track down a singer from their childhood who, they claim, "once made Dylan cry".

So begins a road trip framed by Alonzo Ruizpalacios as a playful, ambitious and jokey quest that's not afraid to make mordant social comment. The cast brings pace and purpose, helping the director's wilder visions to work. There's a nice line in self-detriment too, as one character slams Mexican director who, "grab a bunch of beggars, shoot in black-and-white and say they're making art films."