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Foxcatcher 15 rating

Steve Carell and Channing Tatum deliver stunning performance in the story of the strange relationship between two Olympic wrestlers and their millionaire benefactor.

Drama 2014 135 mins

Director: Bennett Miller


Based on a true story, Bennett Miller’s (Capote) slow-burn psychological thriller details the exceedingly strange three-way relationship between Olympic wrestler Mark (Channing Tatum), his trainer brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo) and the millionaire businessman Jon du Pont who becomes their benefactor (Steve Carell).

When du Pont invites Mark to train at a purpose built training facility at his sprawling ranch, he finds it impossible to resist the wealth of resources on offer. It soon becomes clear that du Pont has an unhealthy fascination with wrestling, revelling in its perceived machismo as a counterpoint to his own desk-bound existence, and his insistent meddling become infuriating. But their tense relationship takes an even darker turn when Mark’s brother Dave and his young family are invited to join the training camp. With mesmerising performances from Channing Tatum and a near-unrecognisable Carell, Foxcatcher is a brilliantly executed study in power and obsession, sculpted with a pervading sense of foreboding and a permanent atmosphere of suppressed rage.