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For Those in Peril 18 rating

An intense and mysterious drama about the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident who’s outcast and persecuted by his fellow villagers.

Drama 2013 92 mins

Director: Paul Wright



Kate Dickie (Games of Thrones) and George MacKay (Pride) star in this intense drama about a young man who survives a mysterious fishing accident only to be blamed by local villagers for the deaths of his fellow fishermen, making him an outcast among his own people.

With an unsettling, chilly atmosphere redolent of Lars von Trier, director Paul Wright’s innovative approach to this intimate story is to present it as a mosaic of various styles, incorporating documentary and fantasy. Ben Kracun, director of photography utilizes various formats from Super 8 to camera-phone imagery and the result is one of British cinema’s most impressive feature debuts of recent years.