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Executive Order 15 rating

In Lázaro Ramos’s disturbing dystopian thriller starring Alfred Enoch, the Brazilian government orders the deportation of the country’s entire Black population.

Science Fiction 2020 102 mins

Director: Lázaro Ramos


Under a new executive order from the Brazilian government, the country’s entire Black population suddenly find themselves labelled as exiled refugees, due to be deported imminently. As violence escalates and neighbours turn on each other, a terrifying game of survival begins. Those who remain face a choice: hide or fight. Adapted from a play, ‘Namibia, no!’, Ramos’s directorial debut stays faithful to the claustrophobic mood of the theatre stage, with a lot of the action taking place inside bunkers and hideouts.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the film's dystopian vision is the thought that we live in a not-so-dissimilar world of hardline governments and populist politicians, where laws are quietly passed and families forcibly removed to countries they’ve never known.