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Concrete Garden

A sweet tale about a young girl who moves to London after 11 years living with her Jamaican grandmother.

Drama 1994 23 mins

Director: Alrick Riley


A charming story about a West Indian girl who moves to 1950s London. Marcia has spent most of her 11 years living with her Jamaican grandmother but is sent to damp, dark London to start a new life with her parents. Missing her gran terribly, Marcia is surrounded by bullying schoolgirls, racism on TV and a jealous younger brother... Only her favourite pop star will help her feel at home.

Concrete Garden is a wonderfully observed graduation film from director Alrick Riley. With warm performances from a young cast and exquisite detail in the production design, this tender short film powerfully evokes the trials and tribulations faced by kids settling in 1950s Britain.