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All the Right Noises 12 rating

A taboo-busting drama about a young married man (Tom Bell) who has an affair with a teenage girl (Olivia Hussey). Directed by Gerry O'Hara.

Drama 1971 91 mins

Director: Gerry O'Hara


This time capsule of a film is the story of a young married man who has an affair with a teenage girl, and forms part of a peculiarly 1960s British wave of films exploring such sensitive subject matter (others included Age of Consent, and Three into Two Won’t Go). Directed by Gerry O'Hara and starring Olivia Hussey (Romeo and Juliet) and Tom Bell (The L-Shaped Room, Prime Suspect).

This title is also available on DVD / Blu-ray in the BFI’s Flipside collection.