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A Girl at My Door 18 rating

Lee Chang-dong (Poetry) produces this offbeat drama about a policewoman who becomes protector of an abused teen in a town riven by corruption and alcoholism.

Drama 2014 119 mins

Director: July Jung


Doona Bae (Air Doll, Cloud Atlas) stars as a police chief rehabilitating herself after an unspoken controversy, posted to a backwater town where the locals seem equally tortured. There, against her better judgement, she establishes a close relationship with an abused teen, unwisely taking her into her home. And then things really start to unravel...

Confidently directed by newcomer July Jung, with veteran director Lee Chang-dong (Poetry) on board as producer, A Girl at My Door's mixture of intense drama and offbeat humour offers a welcome reminder of the continuing health of contemporary Korean cinema. After premiering in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival 2014 it has gone on to win several international prizes and also played at the BFI London Film Festival.