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Paddington 2Paddington 2

Children's2017103 minsDirector: Paul King

Britain’s favourite bear returns for another adventure. Porridge rather than marmalade looks set to be Paddington's new staple after he's framed for a robbery, unless the Brown family can help solve the mystery.

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Children's201495 minsDirector: Paul King

Unexpectedly beautiful and bewitching return for the marmalade-loving bear with a sense of adventure.

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When the Wind BlowsWhen the Wind Blows

Animation & Artists Moving Image198684 minsDirector: Jimmy Teru Murakami

A middle-aged couple prepare for nuclear war in this humorous and macabre cautionary tale, adapted by Raymond Briggs (The Snowman) from his best-selling book.

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Chicken RunChicken Run

Animation & Artists Moving Image200084 minsDirector: Peter Lord

Mel Gibson’s Rocky the rooster helps the chickens escape from fascistic farmers in Aardman Animations first foray into feature films.

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Shaun the Sheep MovieShaun the Sheep Movie

Animation & Artists Moving Image201485 minsDirector: Richard Starzak

Aardman returns with another delightful animation for young and old, telling the story of Shaun’s adventures in the big city after Farmer is led astray.

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Men of Merit (a Lantern Lecture)Men of Merit (a Lantern Lecture)

Animation & Artists Moving Image19484 mins

Vibrant, progressive animation contrasts with some outdated attitudes in this Electricity Council cartoon on energy usage

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Do I Detect a Change in Your Attitude?Do I Detect a Change in Your Attitude?

Animation & Artists Moving Image19807 minsDirector: Vera Linnecar

An alternative cartoon cat and mouse chase produced by a trio of pioneer women animators

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Be Careful BoysBe Careful Boys

Animation & Artists Moving Image196411 minsDirector: Vera Linnecar

As cartoon musical training films about fruit packer’s go, this ones a real peach

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The TrendsetterThe Trendsetter

Animation & Artists Moving Image19695 minsDirector: Vera Linnecar

And you thought followers were a good thing… This cartoon on innovators and imitators is a colourful delight as well as cautionary tale

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Filmed in SupermarionationFilmed in Supermarionation

Documentary2014118 minsDirector: Stephen La Rivière

The definitive documentary chronicling how Gerry and Sylvia Anderson pioneered their trademark animation style, ‘Supermarionation’.

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Hell UnltdHell Unltd

Animation & Artists Moving Image193619 minsDirector: Helen Biggar

Norman McLaren and Helen Biggar’s urgent work of animated agit-prop uses rapid editing to create an incisive polemic against arms spending.

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Up Yours Too Guillaume Apollinaire!Up Yours Too Guillaume Apollinaire!

Animation & Artists Moving Image19682 minsSilentDirector: B.S. Johnson

Invited to imagine how Apollinaire would have worked with modern technology, writer/director B.S. Johnson turned John Furse's drawings into an animation that is equally elegant, explicit, surreal and hilarious.

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The BeardThe Beard

Animation & Artists Moving Image197810 minsDirector: Ian Emes

An animated antidote to the hipster beard trend, offering a stark warning not to let your face fur get out of control.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19974 minsDirector: Victor Olusola Opeyokun

Animated awakening: a young black man in an oppressive urban environment finds a new outlook by embracing his African roots

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The Hunting of the SnarkThe Hunting of the Snark

Animation & Artists Moving Image196724 minsDirector: Diana Potter

“Live animation” of Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem adventure from the maker of Captain Pugwash

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Animal FarmAnimal Farm

Animation & Artists Moving Image195472 minsDirector: Joy Batchelor

Sixty years young, this British cartoon of George Orwell’s political ‘fairy story’ is still the most abiding adaptation of this powerful, cautionary tale for all ages.

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Hercules: Lion CubsHercules: Lion Cubs

Advert19561 mins

A pair of cheeky lion cubs star in this animated advertisement for the 'Finest Bicycle Built Today'.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19668 minsDirector: Nancy Hanna

If 2001’s Star Gate sequence was a bit more laid back and accompanied by lift music, it might look a little something like this…

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