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Tubby's Typewriter

Newlywed Tubby fancies another man's typewriter and ends up in hot water with his new wife

Comedy 1916 11 mins Silent


A puzzling misunderstanding comes between our hero and his young wife in this likeable comedy. Cheery-looking, round-faced but not particularly portly, Johnny Butt was the engaging star of ten-part series The Exploits of Tubby, whose hero always seems to be in trouble with the wife. The misunderstanding in this episode begins when Tubby is 'smitten' - but not with a woman, with a typewriter...

Each newlywed goes off in a huff and via a tortuous route Tubby, his friend, the wife and her friend all end up at the double-date from hell. This final scene is missing, alas, but we can imagine how it plays out - it's the stuff of a thousand sitcoms since.