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Tubby's Rest Cure

WWI conscription has whisked away all the young men, leaving the girls so man-hungry that even Tubby looks attractive!

Comedy 1916 15 mins Silent


The 'last young man in the village' is called up, leaving a bevy of land girls without male company. Into this hothouse comes Tubby, sent by his wife and doctor to the country for a rest cure. He soon attracts the attention of the girls and seems to have recovered remarkably by the time his wife arrives! Somewhere between a pastoral idyll and a bacchanalian revel, this wartime comedy has the flavour of the Carry On films decades later.

Tubby's Rest Cure was one of ten comedies released in 1916 under the collective title The Exploits of Tubby. The titular hero - an unlikely ladies' man - was played by Johnny Butt, a talented screen actor who enjoyed a healthy career in the silent era. See also Tubby's Typewriter - also in BFI Player.