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The Drumlin

Who will triumph when a game of hide and seek turns into a campaign against nuclear power?

Science Fiction 1980 18 mins

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What really lurks under the grass of the mysterious drumlin? Two children playing hide and seek stumble upon a strange visitor on the beach. This sparks a chain of bizarre events inspiring civil disobedience in a Newtownards housing estate. Settle in for an uncanny adventure involving vanishing children, hypnosis and U.F.O. sightings.

Twin brothers Roy and Noel Spence have been making films like this for over fifty years; with subjects including crafty leprechauns, creatures from outer space, fifties rock 'n' rollers and the undead. You can enjoy many of these fantastical creations on BFI player. This film is courtesy of Roy Spence and is held in the Irish Film Archive.