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Sunday Occupation

This intriguing and detailed film shot at Guiseley station explains the significance of railway modernisation and maintenance.

Amateur film 1973 8 mins

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This absorbing film from Guiseley details the importance of Sunday repairs and renovation at railway stations. The camera carefully follows complex purpose-built machinery as old sleepers and tracks are removed and new modern ones are fitted. To compliment the visuals, a local commentator supplies detailed aural information to satisfy the most ardent train fans.

Guiseley train station was opened in 1865 and remains in active use today. It is estimated that 1 million passengers pass through the station every year. The opening shot of the film, which sees a train arrive at the station from an angle on the platform, is reminiscent of one of the earliest films in cinema history. In 1896 the Lumiere Brothers released a short film known as Train Pulling into a Station. Early cinema audiences were so mesmerised by the pictures that they reportedly rushed from the theatre for fear of being run over by the approaching onscreen train.