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Selkirk Common Riding 1899

Selkirk does its Border traditions proud with a cavalcade of riders and a herculean feat of banner waving.

Documentary 1909 5 mins Silent


The Battle of Flodden lives on! A magnificent foot parade and cavalcade of horsemen process through the streets and common land of Selkirk in a centuries-old ceremony of the Scots Royal Burgh, recalling medieval border disputes between Scotland and England. The day culminates in the defiant demonstration of the 'casting of the colours' in Selkirk marketplace - which, legend has it, represents the waving of the bloodied English flag by the only Scottish soldier to survive the battle.

The precise production and release dates for this film are unclear. Although the title gives a date of 1899, the style of the titles and unusually long length for the Victorian period suggest the film may have been made or re-released at a later date - possibly in 1909. It was not uncommon for films of major events such as Selkirk's Common Riding to be re-released to attract new audiences with the promise of a nostalgic look back for those taking part at the time.