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Ramsgate Zeppelin Raid. Showing Damage Done to the Bull and George Hotel.

Public anxiety about war from the air is all too real for the people of Ramsgate in this newsreel footage of the aftermath of a Zeppelin raid.

Non-Fiction 1915 1 mins Silent


Public anxiety about war from the air had featured in film for some years prior to it becoming all too real in 1915. On the night of 16th May a German Zeppelin LZ38 dropped 20 or so bombs on Ramsgate in Kent, the most raided town in England during WWI. Pathé Gazette recorded the aftermath: the bombed out Bull & George hotel, policemen searching the rubble, and the clock stopped by the blast.

This was one of three WWI-themed stories issued as Pathe's Animated Gazette No. 323b.