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Project Six

A Suffolk school class adventure into Ipswich turns out to be a road safety lesson in this light-hearted film with a Green Cross Code message.

School programme and Educational film 1981 15 mins

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It's mystery project day! In an echoey mobile classroom the teacher duplicates a map for her class. It shows their route from the village school into Ipswich including a bus ride and six road crossings. The teacher gets fraught at a couple of near misses in spite of her careful warnings of risk. A disembodied male voice delivers advice from the Green Cross Code - will they all survive the trip? Evocative school atmosphere and scenes of Ipswich and surrounding countryside.

Based at Hadleigh in Suffolk, Boulton-Hawker was founded in 1946 to distribute educational films including their own locally-made 16mm productions. In 1980 Project Six was the first Boulton-Hawker film for the Road Safety Officers' National Films Committee. It's not typical of their productions as the script was already written by John Kershaw who worked on television programmes Bergerac and The Bill. Future Boulton-Hawker road safety films for the Committee drew more on their own team's creative input.