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Polperro flood damage

Flooding has caused extensive damage to Polperro

News 1976 4 mins

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Severe storms in September 1976 cause widespread flooding in Cornwall with 83 properties damaged and one fatality in Polperro. The small harbour village is situated in a deep valley and heavy rain causes flash floods as the River Pol and Langreek stream break their banks. Excessive rainwater combines with tidal surges to compound the devastation to homes and businesses. Concerns over insurance and flood defences are raised as locals join together to clean up the village.

Historically there have been many violent storms at Polperro, 1774, 1817 and 1824 and more recently in 1993, all causing extensive damage. A flood relief scheme is in place where excess water flows are channelled directly into the sea through a tunnel bypassing the village. Fears remain over spring tides and storm surges where the bottom of the village is prone to rising sea levels but a flood barrier in the harbour acts as a barrage to keep out tidal surges.