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Move North

A serious sales pitch for the North East by a battling former Labour MP.

Industry sponsored film 1966 20 mins

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Against a turbulent 60s background of decline in mining, shipbuilding and the railways, the former Labour politician George Chetwynd makes a persuasive pitch to new investors and industries, selling the real North East an area of beauty, space, in-built engineering skills, and adaptable men and women. The new motorways, Teesport, airports and the Flying Scotsman serve to lure southerners and global incomers to the region.

Sir George Chetwynd left Parliament to become Director of the North East Development Council in January 1962 for five years, aiming to reverse the poor public image of the North East and re-dress the north-south economic imbalance. This promotional was made by Turners, who had more than 20 years of experience in post-war sponsored film production for industries and businesses in the North East, operating until 1999 from their Newcastle headquarters.