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Lusitania Day

One year on from the tragic sinking of RMS Lusitania, the 1198 dead are remembered with grief and anger.

Non-Fiction 1916 1 mins Silent


Feelings ran high as 'Lusitania Day' marked the first anniversary of the tragic sinking of famous liner. The highlight of the day was a mass London procession from Embankment to Hyde Park. "Hang All Pro-German Peacemongers" reads one banner, revealing the fury still felt in the wake of what is described in this Topical Budget newsreel as "Germany’s Greatest Crime of Piracy".

The RMS Lusitania fell victim to a U-boat torpedo on 7 May 1915. It was the greatest maritime tragedy of the early part of the war and outraged public opinion. A year later, the grief and anger remained strong, fuelled by lobby organisations such as the British Empire Union.