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Lady Allen

Engrossing 1970s TV profile of Lady Allen of Hurtwood - passionate campaigner for every child's right to play

Government sponsored film 1971 14 mins



Zip wires, climbing frames and open camp fires are no hindrance to children with disabilities in this lively TV profile of children's play pioneer Lady Margery Allen. Her passionate belief in the right of every child to experience the physical freedom of play is matched by the palpable joy and excitement of the children as they explore an adventure playground in Chelsea with minimal adult supervision.

This edition of the series No Two the Same, featuring the landscape architect and child welfare advocate Lady Majory Allen of Hurtwood, was one of several produced by the government's Central Office of Information for screening exclusively to overseas audiences. The series focused on individuals from across a wide spectrum of British working life who challenged orthodoxy and were innovators in their chosen field. Produced with multiple language versions for worldwide distribution, this profile of Lady Allen is a slightly re-edited version of a programme from another Central Office of Information series, The Pace-Makers, which was intended for audiences in Canada and Australia. This government film is a public record, preserved and presented by the BFI National Archive on behalf of The National Archives, home to more than 1,000 years of British history.