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Kingston Movie Makers' History of Walton

An award winning animation by John Daborn and team, who were part of an animation collective with grand ideas of rivalling Disney

Amateur film 1952 18 mins

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An exemplary piece of animation by John Daborn, who bases this epic animation on Henry Stringer’s ‘stills’ travelogues called ‘Musical Paintbox’. Not only is this film unique in its representation of the location, but also in its technical achievements. Alan Daborn and contemporaries, notably Ken Clark who assisted on the film, were part of an animation collective who had grand ideas of rivalling Disney.

History of Walton was the 1953 winner of the the Denham Trophy or the Alexander Korda Gold Cup, presented by London Film Productions Limited for the best entry by an Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Affiliated Club. This film is from the collection of Kingston Heritage Service, a member of the London's Screen Archives Network.