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A big celebration in Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders

Non-Fiction 1928 4 mins


In this film, which was issued in the 1920s from film shot on the 24th of May 1900, the laying of a cornerstone brings the whole town of Jedburgh into the streets. The film is comprised of two shots: the first shows a parade and the second a dais crowded with notables.

As a piece of social history, this film is a record of the prosperity of Jedburgh. Indeed, this might serve as a clue as to why the film was shot in the first place, and why, in the 1920s, it was re-issued. In 1900, civic pride typically took the form of a parade; a quarter of a century later, a little film could serve to re-ignite it. What role could this footage play for Jedburgh in the 21st Century?