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Geordie Jubilee

A big Geordie welcome to the north east from comrades at NERIAC.

Promotional 1987 4 mins

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Sunderland filmmaker Michael Gough presents a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek homage to the north east. Made as a trailer to promote the 1987 Institute of Amateur Cinematographers’ AGM and film festival, hosted that year in Newcastle, the film celebrates the region’s culinary delights, landscape and invention with self-deprecating wit and pride, from Stephenson’s Rocket, ‘forerunner of the Intercity 125’, to the origin of long distance walking, the Jarrow Crusade.

A member of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC) since 1969, Michael Gough joined the Newcastle & District ACA in 1972, later becoming chairman. He was a talented amateur documentary filmmaker, awarded the 1978 Amateur Cine World magazine Ten Best trophy for his newsreel documentary Welcome to Washington. Also featured in this trailer for the North East Region of the IAC (NERIAC), the acclaimed South Shields animator Sheila Graber is recorded at work on one of her hand painted cel cat cartoons, using time-lapse cinematography to speed up the laborious process.