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Floods at Rhyl, October 1918

Having survived the menace of the First World War, Rhyl is assaulted by the watery forces of nature

Non-Fiction 1918 2 mins Silent

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It may be still wartime, but it seems that rough weather never loses its capacity to excite, as the wave-dodging duo demonstrate on Rhyl seafront. However, the broken railings and the shattered sea wall could be seen seen as a metaphor for a fractured world. Two cars plough down a sodden road, whilst on submerged land a rowing boat is the only means of transport for two forlorn, hatted figures.

Derek Shannon, who shot this film, took over Rhyl's Market Street cinema from Arthur Cheetham in May 1919 (introducing a resident orchestra among other innovations), and with the Shannon Film Company produced local topicals in the Rhyl area, covering events such as the Flying Week, Lifeboat Day and May Day celebrations.