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Factory Workers

The daily exodus of Victorian factory workers - but where?

Non-Fiction 1900 3 mins


The sight of 'hands' spilling out of their workplaces is now familiar from the films of Mitchell and Kenyon, who made hundreds of similar 'factory gates' films. This example may well be one of theirs (though there was room in the market for rival operators). It has M&K's hallmarks, not just the genre, but the careful attention to faces, most in excellent focus - in the hope of attracting as many as possible paying customers to a public screening a day or two later.

But in the absence of any supporting information, we've little to go on. What little we can see of the building, with its many large windows, perhaps suggests a textile mill. That's consistent with workers' dress, too, which resembles the kind of garb sported by millworkers in several M&K films, especially those in and around their Lancashire base. We'd love to hear from anyone with any ideas. Perhaps you recognise the factory buildings (best seen in the final few seconds)? Contact us via the 'Live Chat' link below.