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Early British Loco - C.1900

A railway mystery: where are we? Can you help?

Non-Fiction 1900 1 mins


A wonderful railway scene of the arrival of an express train. But the location is a mystery. We seem to be at a terminus station, with a light engine waiting in the distance, which then pulls in to collect the carriages of our newly-arrived train. All of the railway infrastructure looks to be of British origin, but the locomotive carries a cow-catcher which rules out the UK. It’s clearly a British-built locomotive, however.

A pith helmet is on show - a policeman or railway official? Only white faces disembark from the train, and many wear straw hats and fashion hats. Where are we? Africa? India? North America? Australia? We'd love to hear from anyone who can help - just click on 'Live Chat' at the foot of this page.