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Discover Your City: Soho

A children’s guide to bustling Soho, with a glimpse of its music industry, architecture and thriving restaurant scene.

1962 12 mins


This travelogue for children appeared as part of ITV’s Small Time, though it’s perhaps difficult to imagine how much kids might have appreciated the history of London architecture or a behind the scenes look at the music industry on Denmark Street. Nevertheless, it’s a fun foray for all ages into the lively and diverse communities of 1960s Soho. Unfortunately some picture and sound inserts have been lost from this programme but it is presented as it survives in the BFI National Archive.

In the visit to Denmark Street singer and wrestler Frankie Townsend can be seen alongside musicians Terry Lightfoot and Jimmy Henley. The master guitar maker who can be seen at Clifford Essex is Marco Roccia.