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Davy Jones

World's smallest man takes new car for test drive

News 1965 6 mins

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Standing just two foot, two inches tall, Davy Jones was at one time the world's smallest man. Here he explains how his Jaguar car has been modified to meet his particular requirements. Davy also gives an insight into his showbiz life, recalling how he once bested 'The Gorgeous Gael', the six foot, three inches tall actor, Jack Doyle.

This material is courtesy of the UTV archive. The specially made Jaguar is now part of the collection of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. Jack Doyle, the subject of Davy's anecdote, led an eventful life. He appeared in a number of films, starring in McGluskey the Sea Rover (1934) and Navy Spy (1937). Aside from his career in Holywood, he also fought as a professional boxer and was a celebrated tenor singer - signed by Decca Records, he performed at venues including the London Palladium. His private life was no less colourful. Doyle was famously involved with the actress Movita Castaneda - Marlon Brando's future wife.