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Cook's Tour

The bicentenary of Captain James Cook’s first epic naval voyage is celebrated by Whitby townspeople in this jubilant short film.

Amateur film 1968 7 mins

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The profound legacy of one of the most important British explorers of all time, Captain James Cook, is the subject of this historically-themed film shot in Whitby. The Whitby locals are celebrating the bicentenary of Captain Cook’s first great voyage, with men, women and children marching through the street from the outset, leading up to a grand military display by Cook’s statue in the town.

Captain James Cook is one of the most famous naval explorers of the 18th Century. He was the first recorded individual to successfully circumnavigate New Zealand and make contact with native peoples on the east coast of Australia and Hawaii. Cook is reported to have fallen in love with seafaring whilst working as a shipping trainee in the seaside town of Whitby. Captain Cook’s former house in Whitby now contains a museum dedicated to the preservation of his nautical legacy.