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A Day in London

Take a gentle tour of central London landmarks in this travelogue made shortly after WWI.

Travelogue 1920 16 mins


A gentle travelogue of central London’s famous landmarks. From Victoria Station we hasten to Westminster Cathedral, Abbey and Hall, and the Victoria Tower (not to be confused with Big Ben, also seen). Next stop the Foreign Office and 10 Downing Street – curious tourists wandering right up to the front door! – followed by the Embankment and Cleopatra’s Needle; Temple with its bustling lawyers; then across Fleet Street crowded with omnibuses to Lincoln’s Inn. Doubling back to the British Museum we head to Theatre Royal Drury Lane; St James’ Park; Buckingham Palace, via a pair of elderly Crimean War veterans; concluding at Trafalgar Square.

This film was part of the Home and Beauty series produced by the Ideal Film Company. Other travelogues in the series visited Cheddar Gorge, Leeds, St Albans, Winchester and York. With WWI fresh in Britain’s memory, this film like many others of the time ends on a patriotic note, with a rousing slogan from King George V.