Oscars - Best Picture

The Best Picture award is the most revered and desired trophy in cinema. It is for the elite, for work that grips and never lets go.

This collection gathers Billy Wilder, Steve McQueen, Michael Haneke, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, among others, in a celebration of storytelling at its sharpest.

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Private Life of the GannetsPrivate Life of the Gannets

Documentary193414 mins Location: Pembroke/Penfro

The marginal lives of a breeding colony of gannets on the isolated Pembrokeshire island of Grassholm

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Drama195932 mins

Short film by James Hill about a girl who works in her father's rural Italian petrol station and her longing to escape.

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London Can Take It!London Can Take It!

Government sponsored film19409 mins Location: London

Humphrey Jennings and Harry Watt’s famous GPO film is an enduring example of British self-mythology; a hymn to London’s resilience that helped persuade America to join the war.

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Men of NorwayMen of Norway

194120 mins

A shipment of dried cod bound for Germany is sprayed with kerosene by a young Norwegian in one of the more inventive acts of anti-Nazi sabotage from this gripping film.

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Prelude to VictoryPrelude to Victory

Documentary194318 mins

Nominated for an Oscar, this film dramatically depicts the carefully plotted invasion which took Hitler by surprise and led to the defeat of Axis powers in Africa.

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