Six short films from the BFI Future Film Festival 2020, exploring coming-of-age in the 21st century.

Specially selected from the BFI Future Film Festival main programme, these short films explore what it means to be a young adult in the world today - from the streets of Prague and Brunei to the world of love and dating as a piece of toast helplessly in love with an egg.  

The collection also highlights the two films nominated in our Best Short Film aged 16-18 category: Home on the Road and A Filthy Habit.

Love, friendship, gentrification and gender are explored in this collection of films that shine a light on life growing up today, and showcases some of the brightest emerging, talented filmmakers from across the world.

Although these films have not been certified by the BBFC we recommend a minimum age of 15.

We are proud to present the following six films as part of #GenerationNow.

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Big ToastBig Toast

Animation & Artists Moving Image20184 mins

Sleazy and vain Toast tries to win back an ex flame, the beautiful Egg, but the hideous Big Toast is now on the scene.

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Home on the RoadHome on the Road

Documentary20196 mins

A short documentary about a young girl who leaves home to join a travelling Fun Park in hopes of finding a new family.

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A Filthy HabitA Filthy Habit

Drama20194 mins

A female police officer sees more than she bargained for on her first tough day in the force.

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Old FriendsOld Friends

Drama20198 mins

Two old friends take a walk on a summer's afternoon and discover they have less in common than they thought.

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The VisibileThe Visibile

Documentary20204 mins

Three young women live in a society which has ingrained gender roles as law. They face the difficulties of being queer women in a close-knit religious society.

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Drama201910 mins

Vojta and Rami roam around Prague, witnessing the damage caused by mass tourism.