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The Prey 15 rating

An innocent man sentenced to rot in a Cambodian jail is released for the sadistic pleasure of twisted trophy hunters and forced to fight – or die.

Action and Adventure 2018 93 mins

Director: Jimmy Henderson


Hunting human beings for sport has been a fixture of exploitation cinema since The Most Dangerous Game in 1932. However, the latest crime caper from the insanely prolific Jimmy Henderson – who brought us the equally badass Jailbreak – gives this genre staple a barrel-kick to the guts. Chinese undercover cop Xin (Gu Shang Wei) is arrested during a raid on a gang he infiltrated, but handles himself well in prison. Unfortunately, he has been targeted by the corrupt prison warden (Only God Forgives’ Vithaya Pansringarm), who is in the business of inviting rich businessmen on human hunting expeditions in a nearby forest. In the meantime, the Chinese government has picked up on Xin’s trail, having found a signal from his GPS device. When the two teams unexpectedly converge, it’s just the beginning of a battle for survival.