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Sequin in a Blue Room 18 rating

Sexual obsessions spiral dangerously out of control in this altogether different coming-of-age tale.

Drama 2019 80 mins

Director: Samuel Van Grinsven



16-year-old Sequin isn’t looking for love. Instead, the despondent teen trawls through sexually-charged dating apps on the hunt for no-strings encounters with older men whom he promptly ghosts upon leaving their apartments. But one night whilst at an anonymous sex party, Sequin meets a handsome young stranger with whom he becomes fixated. With no idea who this mysterious boy is, Sequin sets out on a mission to locate the object of his affection. But unbeknownst to Sequin, one of his previous conquests is harbouring a sinister obsession of his own.

Dripping in heady atmosphere and rich foreboding, Samuel Van Grinsven’s stylish debut feature is an uncompromising exploration of sex and technology in which nothing is quite what is seems.