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Il Divo 15 rating

Giulio Andreotti, arguably the most famous and notorious Italian politician of the post-war era, was Prime Minister in his country no less than seven times. Accused of corruption and Mafia involvement, this is far from stodgy history.

Biopic 2008 113 mins

Director: Paolo Sorrentino


Paolo Sorrentino builds on the immense promise shown in previous films, The Consequences of Love and The Family Friend, and here demonstrates the full force of his abilities. Aided immeasurably by a magnificent performance from the great Toni Servillo (also star of The Consequences of Love). Sorrentino creates a dazzling, visceral experience that somehow brilliantly weaves together all the complicated political conspiracies and skullduggery into one thrilling drama.

Deservedly one of the sensations of this year's Cannes Film Festival, and whilst the word masterpiece is often overused when describing films, in this instance it is completely deserved. Sorrentino is one of the directors leading a genuine renaissance in Italian cinema.