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After COP25 in 2019, thousands of young Danish people took to the streets to demand instant action on climate change. In the subsequent general election the new Danish government pledged bold climate policies, but will they be able to enact them?

Documentary 2021 98 mins Not rated

Director: Phie Ambo


70/30 depicts the birth of the world’s most ambitious climate act. In 2019, thousands of Danish children and young people took to the streets. They ditched school to demonstrate for the climate, mobilized their parents and grandparents and demanded action NOW! When a general election was announced for later that year, it became clear that a green climate policy meant votes, and the climate instantly shot to the top of the agenda. Now the new government must act on their campaign promises. Will politicians, citizens and industry be able to join forces to make Denmark a green pioneer – or will the green ambitions be smothered as the new Climate Act collides with reality?