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Trespass 15 rating

Rap legends Ice Cube and Ice-T share a screen for the first time as gang members facing off against firemen hunting for a stash of gold.

Crime 1992 101 mins

Director: Walter Hill


When two firemen (Bill Paxton, William Sadler) hear tale of a gold hoard hidden in a derelict building, they follow the trail. But little did they know the location’s in use by gang-leader King James (Ice-T) and his henchmen (including Ice Cube), setting up an almighty tussle for the loot.

Action supremo Walter Hill’s pleasingly old-fashioned crime picture is based on a witty script written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale back in the 1970s, long before they set off Back to the Future. But Hill’s dizzying use of handheld cameras and videotape footage mark it as very much a 1990s picture. And the narrative’s time-compressed and location-limited structure makes for a highly claustrophobic crime caper in which the two Ices excel.