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The Beta Test 15 rating

Indie actor-director Jim Cummings returns after his breakout hit Thunder Road with a pacey down-the-rabbit-hole thriller about a Hollywood talent agent who becomes ensnared in a sinister world of sex, lies and murder.

Horror 2021 93 mins

Director: Jim Cummings



Sycophantic Hollywood talent agent Jordan Hines (Jim Cummings) is soon to be married to fiancée Caroline (Virginia Newcomb), when he receives an anonymous purple invite for no strings attached sex at a hotel room. Others who have received the same mysterious envelope have succumbed to grave consequences, but will Jordan face the same fate as he compulsively pursues its origins and becomes ensnared in a sinister world of lies, infidelity and murder? The Beta Test is a stylish yet scathing satire of preening toxic masculinity, the dangers of technology, and the hollowness of Hollywood success.