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Son of Fred

Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan serve up some inspired goonery in this madcap Milligan-penned crazy comedy show from 1956.

1956 19 mins Not rated

Director: Richard Lester


Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan star in this episode of their bizarre fast comedy show directed by Richard Lester. Of particular note are ‘Idiot’s Postbag’, which sees our to heroes offering help and advice aboard a ship whilst adopting the peculiar personas of Gestapo Officers, and an extremely strange Lost Property Office sketch which has Sellers – playing one of his brilliantly observed bewildered old men – searching for a friend he accidentally mislaid on the tube.

The follow-up series to earlier Milligan and Sellers vehicles ‘The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d’ and ‘A Show Called Fred’, this pre-Python surreal sketch show lasted for just eight editions - this is the first episode.