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Pig 15 rating

Nicolas Cage regains his indie mojo with his extraordinary performance as a reclusive truffle hunter who's forced to re-enter society in search of his beloved stolen pig.

Drama 2020 91 mins

Director: Michael Sarnoski



Nicolas Cage has won wide plaudits for a performance which has defied reports of his demise as a serious actor, in Michael Sarnoski’s highly original take on the revenge saga. Cage plays Robin, a reclusive truffle hunter who’s forced to re-enter society after his beloved pig is kidnapped, enlisting his buyer (Alex Wolff) to help him navigate a world he’d long left behind.

Sarnoski and Vanessa Block’s script not only subverts traditional notions of revenge narratives, but also upends preconceptions around Cage’s recent screen persona. And it’s certainly Cage’s show, with a performance that marries his usual intensity with a sensitivity and subtleness that have been sequestered for far too long