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Intimate Relations 15 rating

Julie Walters and Rupert Graves are at the centre of a sordid love triangle in this pulpy melodrama about seedy shenanigans in 1950s suburbia.

Drama 1995 99 mins

Director: Philip Goodhew


Based on the real-life 1956 trial of Albert Goozee, Philip Goodhew’s gloriously pulpy melodrama follows Rupert Graves’ seedy seducer Harold as he takes lodgings in the home of Marjorie Beasley (Julie Walters) and her one-legged, veteran husband Stanley (Matthew Walker).

With barely a sniff of suspicion from Stanley, Marjorie and her daughter Joyce (Laura Sadler) initiate intimate relations with their new housemate. But when Harold begins to tire of their affections he turns to drastic action to free himself from their grip. Boasting a trio of fine central performances (especially Walters), Intimate Relations is a gripping drama that also punctures the hypocrisy of post-war Britain's respectable veneer and its secret, sordid underbelly.