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Half Baked 18 rating

Dave Chappelle stars in the fondly (if hazily) remembered stoner comedy, as an entrepreneur whose weed business goes up in smoke.

Comedy 1998 82 mins

Director: Tamra Davis



Dave Chappelle's funniest screen venture sees him taking two roles, as the weed merchant whose business acumen brings a host of trouble, and as the pot-obsessed rapper Sir Smoke-a-Lot. Amid the haze, antics involve a diabetic police horse, a stoned rottweiler and the ghost of Jerry Garcia, in this good-natured comedy that leaves a satisfying buzz.

Along with Friday (1995), Half Baked exemplifies the stoner-comedy joint passing into new hands in the nineties, as a new wave of black stars took up the mantle hitherto cornered by Cheech and Chong.